Corporate Social Responsibility

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The McDermott Group recognises the impact that our actions have on the environment, our customers, our people, our supply chain, on all those who occupy our buildings, the communities in which we operate in and society at large.

The McDermott Group consistently values and promotes social and environmental responsibility whilst remaining profitable and competitive. We strive to minimise any negative impact by ensuring we take a responsible approach to the way we do our business. We take care to respond to the various issues and demands voiced by all stakeholders and conduct all our activities in line with professional, ethical, sustainable and legal standards.

Our strong community ethos comes from being a family-owned business.

We have provided employment for generations of families for more than 40 years and provide a workplace to be proud of where dedication is recognised and rewarded and employees are encouraged to excel.

McDermott’s Community Support we understand the need to enrich the community and to ensure our existence benefits our neighbours in the community. Our employees are encouraged to pursue voluntary activities and the company supports many good causes by providing financial donations, our time, free products and providing sponsorship to local clubs and groups.

Our long term vision is to benefit communities of the future by creating today’s sustainable built environments. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is reviewed annually in order to ensure continuing success and suitability.